Water Conservation

Central Utah Water Conservancy District has, as its primary mission, the protection, preservation, and management – CONSERVATION – of the water resources within its ten-county boundaries. Water conservation, therefore, is the most inclusive and accurate description of all District activities, from pipeline construction and maintenance to sophisticated water treatment plants to the purchase and administration of water shares and rights and the ultimate completion of the mammoth Central Utah Project.

The District addresses conventional water conservation–that is, the prevention of waste and the direction of water supplies to their most beneficial use–in the following ways:

Water Conservation Credit Program, Section 207 of the Central Utah Project Completion Act (CUPCA).

Through this program, federal money is provided on a cost-share basis to public and private entities that demonstrate need and appropriate planning for water-saving projects. Projects submitted for consideration undergo rigorous examination by committee members from the District, Department of Interior, and private citizen groups. As of summer, 2009, the Credit Program is credited by the Department of Interior with saving over 112,710 acre feet of water per year. For additional information on the Credit Program and active projects, click here.

Water Conservation– General Administration Fund

Central Utah Water Conservancy District is a member of the Governor’s Water Conservation Team, the Utah Water Development Commission, and the Utah Water Conservation Forum, providing personnel and financial resources to further conservation activities in a variety of venues. Visit Utah’s state media campaign, DNR’s Water Conservation website, and Forum website.


Central Utah Water Conservancy District provides funding for statewide water conservation education through the State Office of Education and the Living Planet Aquarium. For downloadable educational materials, choose your version here:     Students    Teachers

Central Utah Gardens

Central Utah Water Conservancy District has created the Gardens to support its commitment to conservation, and to encourage an ethic that promotes responsible management of our water resources within the community. Click here to view the calendar of events, photo gallery, plant information, and much more.


Central Utah Water Conservancy District believes that watering with a smart controller can make a difference in our landscape watering efficiency if it is installed and used correctly. Click here for more details.

Research and Tools

CUWCD sponsored research by the Utah State University Water Research Laboratory to find water meters that could be successfully used to meter secondary water. Such a meter is of critical importance to water providers using raw or irrigation water sources for use in outdoor residential and large turf areas (such as golf courses, schools, and parks). Without meters, users have little incentive to use water efficiently, and providers have no accurate way to gauge usage. Click here for a PDF version of the final USU report.

In 2010, CUWCD completed a project with Utah State University and CRS Consulting Engineers to compile life-cycle cost data for water use, landscape features, tools, plants, carbon footprint, fuel, etc., for use in a down-loadable (web-based) program to assist in landscape decision making. This tool is available for direct download (as spreadsheets) or for online use at vle.cuwcd.com.

A revised US Bureau of Reclamation publication, 3-Steps to Efficient Turf Irrigation, is now available for download at www.cuwcd.com/conservation/3Steps.pdf. This handbook will be a valuable tool for homeowners and irrigation professionals alike.

USEPA WaterSense Partner

Central Utah Water Conservancy District is a participating Partner in the USEPA WaterSense program. Go to www.epa.gov/WaterSense for conservation tips, educational materials, and games to make conservation fun.