Irrigation Product Rebate Program and Grant Information

Commercial or large property owners may apply for an irrigation product grant. Grant amounts up to $5000 may be awarded based on project scope and size and require more property owner participation. If you believe your project may qualify for a grant, please contact for more information.

NEW Residential Rebate Program for 2014

Residential property owners who live within the District's boundaries are eligible to apply for irrigation product rebates.

  • Only eligible items (click here for PDF file or see list below) qualify for rebates and they must be installed before the rebate application is submitted. Items that are not on this list do not qualify for a rebate from CUWCD regardless if they are deemed "comparable" by a vendor or landscape contractor.
  • Rebate program and eligible items are subject to change or discontinuation at any time. Changes will be posted to the website as soon as they are made.
  • All application forms must be accompanied by a valid sales receipt/invoice showing purchaser name, installation address, date purchased, manufacturer name/make, model number and the price for each item.
  • Application forms without complete information or a valid receipt or invoice will be returned to the applicant and applicant must resubmit the form with the receipts/invoices before it will be processed.
  • All rebate applications must be submitted within 90 days of the purchase date. No exceptions.
  • Property owners applying for a rebate must agree to allow CUWCD staff to access their properties in order to verify installation of devices eligible for rebates. Should you be contacted for inspection, and the equipment is not installed at that time, the rebate will be denied.
  • Smart controllers are limited to one rebate per property each five years. If you are adding a SolarSync, ET System, or alternate eligible weather station to an existing controller, you must submit a photo showing that it has been installed.
  • The rebate amounts are the same regardless if a property owner installs the equipment or if a contractor installs it. Contractors are not eligible for these rebates.

Download PDF Application Form Here

You may submit your completed application and receipts to:

CUWCD Attn: Rebates
355 W. University Parkway
Orem, Utah 84058

Fax: 801.226.7107


Eligible Products

Smart Controllers with accompanying Weather or Moisture Sensor - $100

All EPA WaterSense labeled controllers are eligible for rebate. See for more information. The following are all eligible controllers:


ACC series + Solar Sync or Weather Station

I-Core Series + Solar Sync or Weather Station

Pro-C Series + Solar Sync, ET System or Weather Station

X-Core Series + SolarSync or Weather Station

SolarSync, ET System or Weather Station added to existing system (must send photo proof of installation and existing controller)


Kwik Dial Series + Climate Logic

MC-E (Blue) Series + Climate Logic

Rain Dial-R Series + Climate Logic

Total Control-R Series + Climate Logic

Rain Master

RME Eagle

RME Eagle Plus

Rain Bird

ESP-SMT Series + Weather or Moisture Sensor

ESP-SMTe Series

ESP-LX + ET Manager Cartridge + Weather or Moisture Sensor

ET Manager (connects to any existing controller to make it a smart controller)

SST Smart Controller



TMC-424E-ID + Irritrol Climate Logic

Xtra Smart Precision Soil Moisture Sensor (added to smart controller system)

Xtra Smart Wireless Weather Sensor (added to smart controller system)




Smartline + Weather Station


Smart Irrigation System


Specialized Nozzles and Pressure-Reducing Sprinkler Bodies - $3 per nozzle or sprinkler body/minimum 5

The following nozzles are eligible for rebate


MP Rotators (nozzles only): MP1000, MP2000, MP3000, MP3500, MPC, MPLCS, MPRCS, MPSS

Pop-up spray with pressure regulator : PRS-30, PRS-40


Pro-S Series with Pressure Regulators (78004-PR, 78006-PR, 78012-PR)

Rotary Nozzles (RN Series)


Eco-stream Series nozzles

Rain Bird

Pressure-regulated Body: 1800 Series Spray Heads (PRS, SAM-PRS, SAM-P45)

Rotary Stream - nozzles only (R13-18, R17-24)


Precision Series Rotating Nozzles

Precision Series Spray Nozzles

Drip Irrigation Regulators and Kits


Drip Control Zone Kits (ACZ, ICZ, PCZ)- $20 Rebate


In-line Pressure Regulator - $7 Rebate

Rain Bird

Control Zone Kits (XACZ, XCZ, XCZF) - $20 Rebate

Pressure-regulating Filter (PRF-075-RBY, PRF-100-RBY) - $7 Rebate

Inline Pressure Regulator (PSI-L30X-075, PSI-M30X-075, PSI-M40X-075, PSI-M40X-100) - $7 Rebate