Water Conservation and Efficiency Plan

Water Conservation and Efficiency Plan

The State of Utah requires retail water providers and water conservancy districts to prepare and adopt a water conservation plan every 5 years. Brown and Caldwell and Maddaus Water Management worked closely with Central Utah Water Conservancy District (District) staff to prepare this plan.

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What is a Localscape? The Localscape approach is a series of landscaping patterns and practices that takes into account Utah’s unique climate. It’s good landscape design, simplified. Now you can have a landscape that works for where you live.


Rebate Program

The State of Utah offers a rebate of up to $150 on a smart sprinkler controller for your yard.


Slow the Flow

Find the weekly watering guide, conservation tips, and more information from the Governor’s Water Conservation Team.


Whether you are looking to make improvements to your existing yard or you are starting from scratch, the Localscapes approach allows you to minimize outdoor water consumption while maximizing the aesthetics and functionality of your landscape. Follow these three steps to begin the design process for your yard:

Register for and Attend an Upcoming Localscapes Class

Meet with a Localscapes Expert

You can sign up for a free one-hour consultation with a Localscapes expert once you have taken either the Introduction to Localscapes or the Localscapes University class. Consultations are held at CUWCD’s office and are generally available Monday-Friday between the hours of 8:00 am and 4:30 pm. Schedule a consultation by sending a request to , and be sure to include the date of the class you attended. Once your attendance has been verified, a consultation will be scheduled.

Additional Landscape Design Resources

Plant List

Find plants that do well in Utah and will look great in your yard without using a lot of water.

Search Plants Downloadable Plant List

Local Nurseries

Search for nurseries within the counties covered by Central Utah Water Conservancy District.

Local Nurseries List

Sample Landscape Plans

Need some inspiration? Check out these some example plans created using the Localscapes approach.

Sample Landscape Plans

Lawn Care

As an integral part of an attractive home landscape, the lawn should be a designed space rather than the default groundcover. Lawns should be created in a way to limit maintenance, improve water efficiency, and increase functionality. Caring for a smaller lawn space is easier and less expensive than caring for the traditional lawn size of the past.

Lawn Care Calendar

Check out Utah State University’s lawn care calendar:


Weekly Watering Guide

The State Division of Water Resources keeps an up-to-date weekly lawn watering guide:


Sprinkler Repairs

Here’s a tool to help guide you through sprinkler repairs:

Sprinkler Repair Help

Vegetable Gardening

Food production is considered a smart use of water. The recommended method of vegetable gardening is to use raised beds, or grow boxes. Grow boxes allow you to fit a lot of garden into a small space. You get to control the type of soil that goes in the boxes, and if you water with drip instead of overhead spray, your vegetable plants will be happier, and you will have less weeds.


Grow Box Plans

Download construction plans for the grow boxes that are located at our office.


Recommended Vegetable Varieties

See a list of vegetables to grow here in Utah as recommended by Utah State University Extension.



Learn how to turn your food & yard waste into a beneficial soil amendment for your grow boxes.

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